Disney's "The Creator" Movie - Ingosa Case Study

Disney's "The Creator" Movie Campaign


Founded in 2022, Ingosa is a pioneering ad tech firm, transforming digital advertising through its innovative integration of generative conversational AI. By facilitating direct dialogues between brands and consumers within ad banners, Ingosa enhances engagement and data collection.

Disney, a global leader in entertainment, collaborated with Ingosa and Publicis to launch an innovative digital campaign for their new sci-fi movie, "The Creator". Utilizing Ingosa's smart conversational display ad banners, the campaign aimed to generate buzz and heighten awareness among cinema enthusiasts eagerly anticipating the film.

Ingosa Conversational Ads Screenshot of Disney's "The Creator" Movie Ad Banner

Objective: Creating Awareness for "The Creator"

The primary goal was to captivate audiences, driving them to watch the promotional video and stir excitement for "The Creator". The campaign was strategically placed on Google DV360, targeting movie lovers and sci-fi aficionados.

Ingosa's Role: Conversational Display Banners

Ingosa's technology played a pivotal role. Its conversational AI banners offered a dynamic, interactive advertising experience, far beyond traditional methods. These banners not only showcased the movie's theme but also engaged users in real-time, fostering a deeper connection with the content.

Performance Analysis

Impressions and Engagement

Total Impressions: 5,126,194

Total Conversation Sessions: 78,183

Engagement Rate: 1.53% (1600% above Ingosa's overall benchmark)

These numbers are indicative of the campaign's wide reach and its ability to engage the audience effectively. The engagement rate, particularly, stands as a testament to the captivating power of Ingosa's conversational banners.

Conversational Impact


Publicis’s Perspective

Naz Şahin, Client Success & Media Planning, Publicis Groupe & Ege Esen, Digital Director at Publicis Imagine
"Ingosa's technology allowed us to break new ground in digital advertising. The engagement rates and conversation times far exceeded our expectations, proving the power of interactive ads in storytelling."

Step into the future of digital storytelling with Ingosa

Disney's campaign for "The Creator" demonstrates the transformative impact of Ingosa's conversational AI banners in the realm of digital advertising. By facilitating deeper engagement and longer interaction times, Ingosa has set a new benchmark for advertising effectiveness in the entertainment industry.

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