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Connect with consumers via 1:1, AI-driven creative engagements inside display banner ads.

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10X brand engagement
Higher purchase intention and ad recall lift

Trusted by brands globally, Ingosa powers generative conversational AI for many industry-leading organizations.

Tired of Ads That Don't Deliver Your Message?

Create the future with our conversational ads in seconds!

Introducing the Future of Advertising

Ingosa Conversational Display Ads as a full-funnel solution to understand your customers like never before

Do you want to create online ads that capture the attention and interest of your target audience? How about increasing your conversion and engagement rates with personalized and interactive ad creatives?

Do you also want to save time and money on ad creative production and optimization? We offer an AI copywriting tool that can generate high-quality headlines, slogans, calls to action and other copy elements for your online ads in seconds.

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We Turn Banner Ads Into First-Party Data Sources In A Cookieless World

Conversational ads provide a unique opportunity for advertisers to collect first party data

As the use of cookies declines and privacy regulations become more strict, the digital advertising industry is moving towards a cookieless world. This presents a significant challenge for advertisers, who rely on cookies to collect data and personalize ads. In this cookieless world, advertisers need to find new ways to collect data and deliver relevant ads to their audiences. One solution is the use of conversational ads, which allow advertisers to directly engage with consumers and collect data through the interactions that take place.

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Trusted by Leading Agencies and Brands

Why Customers Love Us

''Ingosa creates a rich and engaging experience for customers, including visual widgets (giphs, videos, carousels, date pickers etc.) and unique branding and customization opportunities.''

Fatih Öztoprak, Program Manager @ İş Bank Workup

“Our experience with Ingosa has exceeded our expectations. We were incredibly pleased with the service they provided. They took the time to truly understand the complex background, goals and workings of our brand.”

Tuğçe Akay, Ex-VP @ Karnaval Media

“We are very pleased with the work we have done with Ingosa. They are really helpful and very talented in their job. They have a high level of competency and outstanding performance in chatbots. We really recommend them.”

Selin Şahin, Co-Founder @ Shopalm

Step into the next era of digital advertising with Ingosa!

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