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Maximizing First-Party Data Collection in a Cookieless World: The Power of Conversational Ads

Are Your Banner Ads Missing the Mark?

Skyrocket Engagement

Leverage Ingosa's groundbreaking technology to drive engagement levels up to 10 times higher than standard display ads. Make every ad interaction count.

Exclusive 1st Party Data Collection

Navigate the cookieless landscape with confidence. Ingosa elevates your ads to not just serve impressions but to secure valuable first-party data directly from your target audience.

Enhanced Customer Journeys

With Ingosa, the journey from ad impression to customer satisfaction is rapid and seamless. Experience a significant reduction in production cycles for quicker market response.

Next-gen Customer Engagement

Convert more prospects and talk to more customers with conversational advertising.

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Learn about people's requirements, wants, and preferences in real time.

Conversational ads are more personal. The person who sees the ad directs the conversation - and the outcome - in a way that is meaningful to them.

Gather in-depth conversational insights without relying on third-party data.

Gain new brand insights and optimize your marketing efforts.


Increase engagement and improve the conversational experience.

Conversational ads add a human touch to the ad experience without being intrusive or violating privacy.

With a single conversation, you can serve multiple client segments at all stages of the funnel.

Make an impact with consumers that goes beyond a single click.