PepsiCo - Ingosa Case Study

January 31, 2024

PepsiCo's Dynamic Ingosa Campaign: Engaging Gen Z through Conversational AI


PepsiCo, Inc., a renowned American multinational corporation, is a dominant player in the food, snack, and beverage industry. With a diverse product portfolio, the company has been at the forefront of innovative marketing strategies, constantly seeking ways to connect with its audience more intimately.

Ingosa Conversational Ads Screenshot of PepsiCo KazandiRio Campaign, 2023

Campaign Overview: Kazand─▒Rio App Awareness

In an era where social connectedness is paramount, PepsiCo launched the "Kazand─▒Rio App" campaign, targeting the vibrant Gen Z demographic. The campaign's primary objective was to raise awareness about the Kazand─▒Rio app, positioning it not merely as a platform for offers but as a brand synonymous with a colorful, youthful world that resonates strongly with young people.


Partnering with Ingosa and the media agency OMD and leveraging Google DV360, PepsiCo embarked on an innovative campaign. The focus was on harnessing social moments like friend gatherings, movie watching, music festivals, gaming occasions, and more. These scenarios were ideal for embedding PepsiCo's brand ethos, fostering a sense of community and shared experiences.

Ingosa's Role: Conversational Display Ads

Utilizing Ingosa's cutting-edge conversational AI technology, PepsiCo's display ads transcended traditional advertising. These smart digital banners allowed for real-time, dynamic interaction with users, providing a novel and engaging user experience.

Campaign Achievements

Total unique reach: 7,353,500

Total Conversation Sessions: 20,877

Total Conversation Duration: 335:12:43

Average Conversation Duration: 1 min 16 sec. This duration is 26.67% above the Ingosa industry benchmark and a staggering 375.00% above the 2022 Amazon Ad Server benchmark, highlighting the campaign's exceptional engagement level.


PepsiCo's Perspective

"The Kazand─▒Rio app campaign marked a significant milestone in our digital marketing strategy. By integrating Ingosa's conversational AI into our display ads, we not only achieved our goal of raising awareness for the app but also connected with Gen Z on a deeper level. The interactive nature of the ads resonated well with our young audience, fostering a sense of community and engagement that traditional ads simply couldn't match. The results were beyond our expectations, and it's clear that this technology is a game-changer in the way we approach digital advertising."

- Seda Emirgan Digital Innovation & Creative Hub Brand Manager, PepsiCo

OMD's Insight

"Working with Ingosa on PepsiCo's campaign was an enlightening experience. The use of conversational AI in display advertising presented us with a unique opportunity to engage with consumers in a more dynamic and meaningful way. The significant increase in conversation duration and engagement rates is a testament to the power of this technology. It was impressive to see how these interactive ads could captivate and hold the attention of the notoriously discerning Gen Z audience. This campaign has set a new benchmark in our advertising efforts and has opened up exciting new possibilities for future campaigns."

- K─▒ymet ─░┼čba┼čar, Associate Digital Director, OMD

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