Pegasus ''Trip Finder'' - Ingosa Case Study

December 26, 2023

Pegasus Airlines' "Trip Finder" Campaign – A Pioneering Adventure in Conversational AI Advertising

Pegasus Airlines: Innovating Travel Plans with "Trip Finder"

Pegasus Airlines, a renowned name in the travel industry, recently launched a cutting-edge feature on their website titled "Trip Finder". This innovative tool transforms the way travelers plan their vacations, offering personalized travel and ticket suggestions based on key preferences like budget, travel time, and preferred experiences. It's not just a tool; it's a travel revolution, making holiday planning both effortless and exciting.

Ingosa Conversational Ads Screenshot of Pegasus Trip Finder Campaign

The Campaign: Revolutionizing Travel Decisions with Ingosa's Conversational AI

Partnered with the creative minds at Ingosa and Hype Agency and leveraging the power of Google DV360, Pegasus Airlines embarked on the "Trip Finder?" campaign. This wasn't just a marketing move; it was a quest to intimately engage with travelers, guiding them through the maze of holiday planning with a conversational touch.

Ingosa: The Conversational Catalyst in Pegasus’s Campaign

Through Ingosa's conversational display ads, Pegasus interacted directly with potential travelers. The goal was clear: showcase the versatility of the "Trip Finder" tool, empowering users to take control of their travel plans through customized, engaging dialogues.

Campaign by the Numbers:

Comparative Performance:

This data underscores the effectiveness of the campaign in not just engaging users but also in driving substantial business results like flight searches and ticket sales.

Unpacking Ingosa’s Conversational Display Ads

Ingosa’s innovative technology turns standard banner ads into dynamic conversational experiences. Unlike traditional banners where clicks lead to a landing page, Ingosa's ads initiate an engaging dialogue right within the ad space, leading to deeper user engagement. This approach not only captures attention for longer periods (average of 2 minutes per session) but also enhances brand recall and personalization.

Testimonials: Pegasus and Hype Agency on Ingosa’s Impact

Pegasus Airlines (Nihan Yiğit, Brand Specialist):

“Ingosa has revolutionized our customer engagement. We've seen a remarkable increase in interaction and a deeper understanding of our customers' travel preferences.”

Hype Agency (Melisa Babacan, Sr. Account Executive):

‘’Ingosa's technology brought unprecedented engagement. The campaign achieved 4M impressions across new user and remarketing campaigns. Notably, there were 130,428 flight searches and 2,944 ticket sales attributed to click and view through conversions from this campaign, with most being click-through conversions.’’

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