İş Investment - Ingosa Case Study

January 19, 2024

Revolutionizing Finance Advertising: IS Investment's Success Story with Ingosa's AI-Driven Campaign


IS Investment, a subsidiary of İşbank, stands at the forefront of Turkey's finance and banking sector. In a bold move to engage warrant investors, IS Investment embraced Ingosa's smart digital advertising banners, leveraging their unique conversational AI capabilities. Their recent campaign, 'Varant', was not just an advertisement but an interactive experience, aligning perfectly with their responsible investment ethos - "It is possible to invest and evaluate expectations whether it is falling or rising. Invest responsibly."

Ingosa Conversational Display Ads Screenshot of İş Investment Campaign, 2023

Campaign Overview

Total Impressions: 5,100,000

Total Conversation Duration: 8:06:52

Average Conversation Duration: 0:00:49 (206.25% above the 2022 Amazon Ad Server benchmark)

Goals and Implementation

The primary objective of the 'Varant' campaign was to target warrant investors with a message that resonates with their investment strategy, irrespective of market trends. IS Investment leveraged Ingosa's conversational display ads to create a dynamic, engaging user experience. These AI-driven banners facilitated real-time interactions, offering personalized investment insights and fostering a deeper understanding of market trends.

Performance Analysis

The campaign's success was evident in its impressive numbers. With over 5.1 million impressions, it reached a vast audience of potential investors. The total conversation duration surpassed 8 hours, indicating high engagement levels. Remarkably, the average conversation duration of 49 seconds was 206.25% above the industry standard set by the 2022 Amazon Ad Server benchmark, showcasing the captivating nature of conversational ads.

Client Testimonial

Testimonial from Sinem Cireli, IS Investment, Director

"As a forward-thinking financial institution, IS Investment is always on the lookout for innovative ways to engage with our clients and investors. The 'Varant' campaign, powered by Ingosa's conversational AI technology, was a groundbreaking initiative for us. It not only amplified our reach but also deepened our engagement with warrant investors. The interactive nature of Ingosa's ads allowed us to convey complex investment concepts in an accessible and personalized manner, aligning perfectly with our commitment to responsible investing."

Benefits of Ingosa's Technology

Ingosa's conversational AI banners are a game-changer in digital advertising. They offer:

Charting New Frontiers in Digital Advertising: İş Yatırım's Trailblazing Journey with Ingosa

IS Investment's successful 'Varant' campaign demonstrates the power of integrating Ingosa's conversational AI technology in the finance sector. This case study exemplifies how dynamic, interactive advertising can elevate brand engagement.

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