Grundig Google TV - Ingosa Case Study

December 22, 2023

Grundig's Interactive Journey with Ingosa: Revolutionizing Google TV Advertising

Introduction to Grundig

Grundig, a leading name in the retail industry, has always been at the forefront of innovation and customer engagement. Their recent campaign for Google TV aimed to showcase the versatility of Google TV features, tailored to individual interests.

Ingosa Conversational Ads Screenshot of Grundig Google TV Campaign

The Challenge

The campaign's core objective was to create a dynamic and engaging experience for users, highlighting the diverse features of Google TV. Grundig wanted to move beyond traditional advertising methods to generate genuine interest and interaction.

Partnership with Ingosa

To achieve this, Grundig collaborated with Ingage, an agency known for its creative digital strategies, and Ingosa, a pioneer in smart digital advertising banners using conversational AI. The campaign was executed on Google DV360, a leading advertising platform.

Campaign Execution

Unique Approach

Utilizing Ingosa's conversational display ads, Grundig's campaign allowed users to interact directly with the ads, exploring various Google TV features in a personalized manner.

Impressive Reach

The campaign achieved a staggering 6,114,290 total impressions, indicating its vast reach.

High Engagement

The total number of conversation sessions recorded was 4,778, with an engagement rate of 0.08%. This rate, although seemingly modest, is significant given the scale of the campaign and the nature of interactive advertisements.

In-Depth Interaction

The total conversation duration was 138 hours, 7 minutes, and 1 second, with an average conversation duration of 2 minutes and 19 seconds. This duration was 27.52% above Ingosa's overall benchmark, 46.32% above the industry benchmark for Ingosa, and a remarkable 768.75% above the 2022 Amazon Ad Server benchmark. These numbers highlight the success of the campaign in holding user attention significantly longer than industry standards.

Testimonials: Grundig and Ingage on Ingosa’s Impact

Grundig's Perspective

"Transforming the Narrative in Advertising"

"The collaboration with Ingosa has been a revolutionary step for Grundig in the realm of digital advertising. Their conversational AI banners provided us with an unprecedented ability to engage with our audience on a personal level. The campaign for Google TV was not just about displaying features; it was about starting conversations and building relationships. Seeing such high engagement and conversation durations was a clear indicator of the campaign's success. Ingosa's technology has set a new benchmark for us in interactive advertising."

Derya Aydın Eroğlu, Head of Marketing Communications, Grundig

Ingage's Insight

"Breaking New Ground in Digital Engagement"

"Working with Ingosa's innovative technology was a game changer for our approach to digital campaigns. As an agency, we're always seeking ways to push the boundaries and create ads that don't just reach people but resonate with them. The Google TV campaign with Grundig was a testament to this. The ease of integration, combined with the significant uplift in engagement metrics, proved the effectiveness of Ingosa's conversational banners. It’s not just about impressions; it’s about meaningful interactions, and that's where Ingosa excels."

Ecem Ersöz, Media Relations & Planning Specialist, Ingage

Engage, Innovate, Convert: The Future of Digital Advertising with Ingosa

This case study exemplifies the power of conversational AI in advertising. Grundig's successful campaign demonstrates how brands can effectively engage with their audience, offering personalized experiences and fostering deeper connections.

Ingosa's technology stands out as a game-changer in digital advertising. Brands and agencies looking to elevate their advertising strategies should consider Ingosa's conversational banners for their next campaign.

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