Audi e-tron - Ingosa Case Study

December 14, 2023

Revolutionizing Automotive Marketing: Audi e-tron's Trailblazing Campaign with Ingosa


The automotive industry is witnessing a paradigm shift towards sustainability, and Audi, a trailblazer in the sector, is leading this change. In an effort to create a buzz around its pioneering electric car, the Audi e-tron, Audi partnered with Ingosa and Mediacom and leveraged Ingosa's cutting-edge conversational AI banners on Amazon Sizmek. This case study delves into how this strategic move not only raised awareness but also set new benchmarks in digital advertising.

Ingosa Conversational Ads Screenshot of Audi e-tron campaign

Brand & Goals

Audi, a titan in the automotive industry, sought to introduce its groundbreaking model, the e-tron, with a splash. The objective was clear: elevate brand awareness and spark interest in this innovative electric vehicle.

The Ingosa Solution

Ingosa's smart digital advertising banners were the perfect solution. These banners, unlike traditional ads, enabled dynamic interaction with potential customers. By incorporating conversational AI, Audi could engage users in real-time, providing tailored information and addressing queries instantly.

Campaign Execution

Platform: Amazon Sizmek

Total Impressions: 535,212

Total Conversation Sessions: 1,941

Through Ingosa's platform, the e-tron campaign transcended conventional marketing boundaries, creating a unique and interactive experience for users.

Outstanding Performance

The campaign's statistics speak volumes about its success:

Engagement Rate: 0.36%, a staggering 300.00% above Ingosa's overall benchmark and 1100.00% above the industry benchmark for Ingosa.

Conversation Sessions: A total of 1,941 sessions, indicating high user interest and engagement.

This phenomenal performance underscores the efficacy of Ingosa's conversational AI in capturing and maintaining user attention.

Benefits of Ingosa's Technology:

Ingosa's technology offered several key advantages:


Ozan Tiryakioğlu - Audi Digital Marketing Manager

"The introduction of the Audi e-tron marked a significant milestone in our journey towards sustainable mobility. For such a landmark event, we needed an advertising approach that was as innovative as our product. Ingosa's conversational AI banners were the perfect fit. These interactive ads not only heightened awareness around the e-tron but also allowed us to connect with our audience on a deeper level. The engagement rates exceeded all our expectations, reaffirming our belief in the power of interactive and intelligent advertising. Ingosa's technology played a pivotal role in the successful launch of the e-tron, and we're excited about the possibilities it opens up for future campaigns." 

Ezgi Gökçe - Digital Director @ Mediacom

"As the agency behind Audi's e-tron campaign, we at Mediacom were seeking an innovative approach to not just reach, but truly engage with our audience. Ingosa's conversational AI banners provided just that. This technology allowed us to break through the clutter of traditional digital advertising, offering a unique and interactive experience to potential customers. The results were phenomenal - engagement rates soared beyond industry standards, proving the effectiveness of this cutting-edge approach. Partnering with Ingosa has been a game-changer for us, setting a new benchmark in digital advertising strategies."

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